About us

Reliability. Quality. Trust.

Saytonix is a young creative Ukrainian software development service company that provides dedicated groups of highly-skilled and creative programmers. Since our inception in 2015, we have been delivering software development and related IT services.

Our team provides nimble and results-driven technology and staffing solutions to tech software companies, startups, and enterprises of various scales. We implement innovative ideas that allow businesses to scale, evolve, and prosper in a range of business domains.

Saytonix offers full-cycle of software product development services: from initial identification of business requirements to system testing, deployment, and maintenance.

Our Objectives

  • Understanding and integration in client business
  • Investigation in the problem area
  • Proposing of the solution
  • Formation of the best fitting team
  • Implementation of the solution via best practices/technics
5 years of experience
Client oriented business model
Providing dedicated team model
Wide specter of industry experience
Unique experience

Talanted Team

Anna Savelieva

Roman Saveliev