E-Commerce ERP system

ERP software to integrate with CRM system

The customer is a company based in Denmark and works in the e-commerce retail industry for 15 years. The customer supplies furniture to multiple countries in Northern and Central Europe. The main goal of our partnership was to implement an e-commerce ERP software that will allow us to import/export data from excel & CSV files, validate them with filters via custom Rules Engine, store them and send them to other services.


  • Create ERP system that can be integrated with existing CRM in shortest period of time.
  • Provide Import & Export for files with large amount of unspecified data.
  • Handle data consistency in case of asynchronous operations.
  • Implement Push & Email notifications.


  • .NET
  • ASP.NET Core Web API
  • Jira
  • HTML5/CSS3
  • JQuery
  • Microsoft SQL
  • Entity Framework Core
  • NUnit

Expertise Provided

Key actions

  • Implement XLS, XLSX and CSV file import & export.
  • Used WebSockets for Push notifications.
  • Implement web job for concurent file uploads.
  • Provide easy extendable Rule Engine for file validation and data flexibility.
  • Use ASP.NET MVC and JQuery for User Interface.

The results

  • Implemented ERP system that automates business features.
  • Push and Email notifications immediately give data updates for users after each task completion.
  • Delivered admin panel that can be easily used by non-technical experts.