Payment coordination service

Smart payment coordination service

Success story of delivering payment coordination service for Sweden customer which enables client's mobile app users to perform split payments. To be more precise, provided API that allowed to perform purchases using several payment means like card, internal bonus currency, etc at once.


  • Integration with merchant account provider in order to support card payments.
  • Secure integration with on-premise bonus accounting services.
  • Setting up reporting for payments reconciliation process.
  • Handling 60 000 transactions per day.


  • .NET Core
  • NodeJS
  • ASP.NET Core Web API
  • TFS
  • PostgreSQL
  • Microsoft Azure Services
  • Docker / Kubernates
  • Angular / React

Expertise Provided

Key actions

  • Integrated with merchant account provider.
  • Set up secure communication between existing on-premise and developed modules.
  • Implemented automated reports generation.
  • Developed distributed transaction orchestration engine.

The results

  • Provided secure, resilient, well-designed API for mobile app integration.
  • Set up automated reports generation to ease client's reconciliation process.